Santa's Elves

As we have stated before, our company is unparalleled in the Christmas industry. One of our greatest assets are the elves. To the Right is:

  • Snappy (Our Head Elf);
  • Miss Jingles
  • Sparkles

Santa employs thousands of elves around the world. But right here in Arizona there are a few elves we feel you need to know about — especially if you read the Updates here on

After all, Santa is not the only person who is working hard for a Merry Christmas!

There are elves who wrap, elves that track the weather, and elves who pack the sleigh. There are mailroom elves, food elves, decorating elves — even singing elves. There are so many elves we can’t begin to explain them all. So here are some of the biggest names of the little guys who help The Big Guy make it all so merry:

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